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A reliable restaurant technology platform will give you the base necessary to enhance your service quality, boost efficiency, and elevate staff productivity and retention.


For Successful Restaurant Management

CodeNgine delivers modern technology-enabled and lightweight restaurant software for restaurants and franchisors. This includes mobile ordering, online payment processing, POS systems, and customer data analytics to enhance business performance and customer satisfaction. We offer end-to-end solutions for restaurants to boost efficiency, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and forecast product demand. Align guest experiences with operations for optimal performance, covering areas such as QR ordering, online ordering, restaurant reservation, financial management, 3rd party integration, human capital management, and marketing and loyalty.


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AI-Powered Restaurant Software Solutions

Our advanced AI-powered solutions are transforming restaurant operations. From managing menus to controlling inventory, scheduling staff, interacting with customers, predicting maintenance, and providing business insights, our AI-powered software solutions lead innovation.

Data-Driven Business Insights with AI

Transform raw data into actionable intelligence with our data-driven insights solution powered by AI. Analyze sales, customer, and operational data for valuable insights. Enhance forecasting with AI in predictive analytics for precise sales and demand predictions.

AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance

Enhance kitchen operations with AI-driven predictive maintenance solutions. Our algorithms maintain equipment and reduce downtime, and costs. Real-time monitoring of performance and energy consumption ensures a holistic view of kitchen health.

AI-Driven Smart Customer Personalizations

We leverage AI chatbots for enhanced customer service, streamlined reservations, and personalized interactions. Our AI-driven chatbots offer seamless assistance, improving customer experience. Analyze sentiment for valuable insights and optimize marketing and loyalty programs.

Intelligent Employee Scheduling

Leverage AI-driven scheduling software to optimize staff schedules efficiently. Gain insights into performance for data-driven decisions, upgrading your business with predictive analytics and historical data analysis.

Automated Inventory Control with AI

Our cutting-edge inventory software boosts efficiency, leveraging AI algorithms for seamless tracking, demand prediction, and automated reordering. Achieve sustainability goals by minimizing food waste through AI-driven forecasting.

AI-Powered Menu Management

We employ cutting-edge algorithms for in-depth customer data analysis, crafting personalized menu suggestions, and seamlessly adjusting pricing in real time to maximize revenue streams based on demand shifts.
Restaurant Software Integration

Custom Restaurant Solutions

Restaurant Software Integration & Development

CodeNgine uses its expertise in developing restaurant software to help various clients. We collaborate with top QSR operators and emerging restaurant tech companies and also contribute to creating POS systems and billing solutions for a restaurant solutions provider in the US. Whether you are a QSR chain, franchisee, or POS company, CodeNgine has the knowledge and skills to support your digital transformation strategy.

Increase Profits With Restaurant Software

Why Choose Our Food and Restaurant Software Services?

As a traditional restaurant solution provider, CodeNgine is renowned for meeting modern business needs and offering high-quality solutions at a competitive price worldwide. Here’s why CodeNgine can serve as your online digital catalyst for creating exceptional food and restaurant solutions for your business.


Dedicated Team

Committed experts ensuring exceptional restaurant solutions.
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Prioritizing client happiness with tailored services.

Customer Satisfaction

Prioritizing client happiness with tailored services.
Customer Satisfaction

Agile Procedure

Flexible approach for swift, efficient development.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable solutions without compromising quality.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable solutions without compromising quality.

Flexible Engagement Models

Customizable plans to suit varied needs.


Clear communication and open processes for trust.


Clear communication and open processes for trust.

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